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+ Encyclopedia Dramatica
+ Mad props to Meepsheep
+ Mad props to VX
+ My Encyclopedia Dramatica talk page is pretty much the best way to get hold of me because my shit keeps getting hacked. >:|
+ #dongforce 4lyfe yo
+ See DNS Comic, the inspiration for dildomail
+ The infamous takedown notice from Wikimedia Foundation Legal:
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 20:09:06 -0700
Subject: Use of Wikipedia trademarks on wikipedialogs.com
From: TM Enforcement 
To: [REDACTED] @dildomail.com

To Shawn McNamara, the domain owner of Wikipedialogs,

We at the Wikimedia Foundation recently noticed that your website uses the
word mark, Wikipedia, in its URL. We’re delighted that you like the
Wikimedia projects as much as we do! However, it’s our duty here at the
Foundation to manage all trademarks of the Wikimedia projects in order to
protect the work and reputation of our community members. The word mark,
Wikipedia, happens to be one of the trademarks under our guardianship.

The Wikimedia Foundation and the community have worked hard to gain
worldwide recognition as the source of the largest collaborative
encyclopedia on the internet. As you know, volunteers put in countless
hours of effort to make Wikipedia what it is. Projects’ marks symbolize the
reputation and goodwill created by the efforts of our Foundation and
community more broadly. Because your site uses one of these marks, it could
easily confuse third-party viewers. As you can imagine, we come across
situations like this quite frequently. However, if we allow uses that could
be potentially confuse other viewers, we risk chipping away at the link
between our word mark and the work of the Wikimedia community.

We love your enthusiasm for the Wikipedia projects and your desire to get
involved in their development. But, due to the concerns mentioned above, we
must respectfully ask that you refrain from using our word mark to
cultivate an apparent relationship between our project and your site in the
absence of such official partnership. Please get back to us within 14 days
and let us know that you received this message by responding or emailing us
at tm_enforcement@wikimedia.org. If you have any questions or concerns
about what usages of the trademarks are acceptable, please contact us here
or by email.


Stephen LaPorte
Legal Counsel
Wikimedia Foundation
149 New Montgomery Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
415.839.6885 ext. 6793 (Office)
415.882.0495 (Fax)

NOTICE: This email message and all attachments transmitted with it are
intended solely for the use of the addressees and may contain legally
privileged, protected, or confidential information. If you have received
this message in error, please notify the sender immediately by email reply
and please delete this message from your computer and destroy any copies.  You
must not copy or disclose the contents of this message or any attachment to
any other person.